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How corporates use The Clubhouse

The last 5 years have seen a revolution in the way businesses own, operate and consume office space. Whilst smaller organisations have made full use of flexible workspaces for some time, it is the adoption of flexible working methods by larger corporates that has been the most telling shift with recent research predicting that 30% of all corporate real estate will be flexible by 2030.

The new generation of workforce see their office and work environment as the second most important factor in their choice of company after compensation. Flexible space gives businesses the ability to minimise risk & expenditure whilst maxising productivity and retention.

The Clubhouse offers corporate clients a smarter alternative to a London office and a better way to do business. To learn how clients such as Sky, Tesla, Morgan Stanley and BP have benefitted from our solutions, please see the sections below.

Flexibility & Location

The Challenge:

A SaaS technology business with offices in Surrey, Manchester, Toronto and Melbourne needed a strong London presence, that maintained it’s current offices as the main corporate offices. Being listed on AIM with a market cap of £52m meant they had to have the right facilities that provided best in class services without the downsides of operating their own space.

The Clubhouse Solution:

Now with membership for 24 of their team, this company uses The Clubhouse for client meetings, investor meetings, formal presentations and as a hub to connect with the Manchester team when in London for the day. The Clubhouse brand and professional service creates the right impression that matches their own brand and culture when hosting important clients or their plc Board.

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  • Touchdown between meetings.
  • Work where you want when you want.
  • Use alongside your existing office locations / HQ.
  • Our membership packages can reduce annual costs by up to 60% per person compared to traditional central London offices.
  • Minimal upfront costs, no capex, business rates, service charges or utility bills.
  • Research shows the average London-bound businessperson spends on average £5,824 a year in between meetings.
  • Complimentary refreshments, printing and a dedicated team to attend to your every need.

Cut Costs

The Challenge:

An Executive Search firm was based in a full-time, leased office in Dover Street for 20 years. When a lease event allowed them the opportunity to re-assess their needs and future growth plans, they decided to prioritise a new way of working that freed up capital and fixed lease costs whilst improving their facilities and enhancing their brand.

The Clubhouse Solution:

Joining The Clubhouse instead of taking a leased space gave the client a cost effective and supportive environment whilst allowing the team greater flexibility. Candidate and client meetings were held in high specification, confidential environments and the transient working style of their consultants was covered by the 4 Clubhouse locations.

The design and meeting facilities at The Clubhouse reinforces their brand as a luxury executive search firm, whilst saving a significant amount of money each year in comparison to a conventional office space.

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The Challenge:

One of the world’s most innovate companies, Tesla, required an effective project space in London outside of it’s day to day business.

The team required a London base at which to work productively with stakeholders to grow their infrastructure across the UK.

Given the technical nature of their work, Tesla needed on demand systems, presentation and conferencing hardware that could link to their existing platforms and provide ease of use for the remote team.

The Clubhouse Solution:

Access to flexible meeting areas, hot desks and individually designed meeting rooms with the latest video conference solutions and innovate display technology meant the team could work seamlessly and productively.

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  • Meet with clients, colleagues, suppliers, investors and partners in a buzzing, professional business environment.
  • Benefit from some of the most innovative workspace technology around.
  • High specification meeting rooms, boardrooms and presentation rooms seating up to 80 people.
  • Say goodbye to noisy, messy coffee shops and hotel lobbies.
  • Inspired design to enhance creativity allowing members to think outside the box.
  • Let The Clubhouse be an extension of your own brand.

Corporate Image & Brand Fit

The Challenge:

An international retail developer with a large regional asset as it’s headquarters required prime meeting and work space in Central London to enhance its corporate culture and brand image.

With a fluctuating need for meeting and work space, the company also had a wide range of suppliers which presented both operational and procurement challenges.

The Clubhouse Solution:

Through a flexible Corporate Membership for 40 of it’s team, the company benefited not only from access to The Clubhouse’s prime locations for on demand workspace, but also gained a single supplier for it’s meeting room and event space needs.

This streamlined approach has increased their productivity, lowered both fixed and transient spend whilst enhancing their brand identity.

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Employee Attraction & Retention

The Challenge:

A global food manufacturer has a legacy head office on the outskirts of London.  Whilst this provides space for a large number of it’s UK headcount, the client knew that in the increasingly competitive market for it’s sector high performers, a central London location was crucial for it’s recruitment strategy.

The Clubhouse Solution:

The Clubhouse was chosen for the sales & marketing teams, giving them access to 4 prime locations for their day to day needs, ensuring they could attract, recruit and retain the best talent to grow their business.

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  • Attract the best talent by making your business stand out.
  • Interview in confidential and neutral space.
  • Retain your team by giving them the freedom to work remotely in professional and productive environments.
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