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Changing The Culture

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An interview with Jo Geraghty, Director of Culture Consultancy

Tell us about your company.

Culture Consultancy specialises in assessing, designing and embedding successful organisational cultures. We work with all sizes of company from rapid growth SMEs to large multinationals. We’re very focused on helping our clients achieve business success whilst allowing the humans who work there to thrive. Our clients engage our services to solve a  range of scenarios:

  • Uncover the performance blockers and enablers to help turnaround an underperforming business or division
  • Design a ‘fit for purpose’ culture to drive growth, diversity and inclusion, innovation, wellbeing and more
  • Embed a new culture to support business changes such as new leader, new proposition, M&A, IPO, Digital Transformation
  • Align cultures and improve working practices across multiple employee groups,  departments, physical locations or suppliers
  • Design a culture to attract and retain a multi-generational workforce

What has been your biggest success so far?

Most of our feeling of success comes from the impact we have with our clients, but two  stand-out moments are: publishing our book Building a Culture of Innovation – A Practical Framework for Placing Innovation at the Core of Your Business, which was voted one of the top five books on Innovation in the 2017 CMI Management Book of the Year awards; and designing and delivering culture immersion events and being challenged by the people  and communications executive director of  a client to deliver “the best ever events they had ever experienced”, which given what  they had done before was nothing short of  a huge challenge.  Their response after the roadshow of events was, “You nailed it”.

What projects excite you right now? 

We’re very excited about our new culture analytics tool which captures real-time culture feedback through the best understanding  of humans and technology.

How has being a member of The Clubhouse contributed to the success of your business?

It’s a really enjoyable space to be in and to invite people to. There’s a type of space for everything you need to do and our clients love coming to visit us here. Being able to use the different venues is also very helpful as often we’re in different parts of the city so being  able to drop in between other appointments  is really convenient.

Where can members find you?

At The Clubhouse, Bank. My co-director  Derek is often on the seventh floor, I’m by the window near the coffee machine on the eighth floor. We’re looking forward to enjoying the outside space over the summer months!


Quick Fire Round:

Favourite place to go in London?

Hampstead Heath for good creative-thinking walks. It is really important to take care of your mental health and take a break from your desk; spending time in nature is a great way to do this.

Who inspires you and why?

Anyone who is making a difference in the  world and creating a meaningful change.

Best bit of advice you’ve been given?

Work smart not hard! This is one of the reasons we have chosen to work more flexibly at  Culture Consultancy.

If you were on a desert island, what would you bring?

A radio.

Which super power would you like to have?

I love to travel but don’t have the time.  I suppose being able to pause time and go  on an adventure would be a useful  super power.

What is the worst business ‘faux-pas’ you’ve committed?

Falling off stage at one of our book launch events. I was unharmed physically but my  ego may have been bruised just a little.

For more about Culture Consultancy visit their website:

This article was originally featured in The Informer – July & August 2019. To read the full magazine please click here