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How does flexible working benefit businesses?

An agile approach is the future of business – and it’s never been easier.

The days of traditional 9-5, chained to a desk in the same office, day after day, have been confined to history. Technology has allowed businesses to embrace the world of flexible working like never before. Apps like Slack, Zoom and Skype enable workers to check in and have real-time conversations with their teams wherever they might be located. Establishing a team and enabling them to work between home, a flexible work space and clients’ locations is easier than ever.

Financial benefits

There are clear financial benefits for businesses, and their workers, who support flexible and remote working. Workers themselves, who are only commuting when necessary, could benefit from saving of up to £5,000 on average in commuting costs and further savings usually incurred by childcare, which in turn helps retain talented staff. For a business, flexible working has also opened new opportunities for cost savings  and the ability to scale up and down on  expert talent as and when it is needed. The cost of employing permanent staff goes beyond their annual salary. ACAS estimate the cost of hiring to be around £30,000, a huge financial impact for a business. A more flexible approach means only hiring support when you need it. Flexible working often attracts the best talent – experienced and adaptable individuals who  can meet the demands of  your growing business.

The virtual office is starting to resemble the same set up as the physical office but without the hefty costs of high rents. Rental costs  of desk space are a significant overhead. A flexible team can work from home, hot-desks or a flexible space, such as The Clubhouse. An added value also comes from networking with the rich variety of businesses who are  also using the space. When you apply these savings, the benefits of flexible working are considerable for a growing company.

Time-saving tricks

One of the biggest benefits for flexible workers is they no longer need to commute to an office when it is not necessary to do so. This reduces stress, increases motivation and expands productivity. When you start the day calmer, you start the day with a clearer goal for what you want to achieve.

Flexible working can also provide time saving benefits for you, as the employer. You can focus on driving your business forward, knowing that it is in the safe hands of your support team. When your team do meet, in an inspiring environment such as The Clubhouse, brainstorming becomes more effective.

Do the work that matters

Running a business is no easy feat, especially when you are keeping an eye on all the moving parts. Hiring people with the right skills as and when you need them will give you the confidence they will get the job done. The benefit of adapting to use more services only at the time you require them is that you gain access to a team of specialists, avoiding the risk of hefty price tags that come with finding and employing your own team. These flexible resources will help your business to run smoothly and give you the time back to focus on delivering your most important outcomes.

Value for life

Flexible working is proven to increase  morale within your company. Workers are less stressed, healthier, happier and therefore have less time off sick. Flexible working is more about getting the job done and isn’t that something all businesses could use? A team that focuses on the outcomes  for your organisation.

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This article was originally featured in The Informer – June 2019. To read the full magazine please click here