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Optimise your working day

How and where you work can have a direct impact on your productivity.

The traditional eight-hour working day was introduced by Henry Ford in 1914, at a time when factory workforces were actually working 10 to 16 hours a day to meet explosive demand. By cutting his employees’ length of hours at work and doubling their pay, Ford actually doubled his profit margins within two years. These days, more than a century later, we have an evolved, creative economy that once again demands a similar shake up of the status quo – as author Tony Schwartz explains, “Manage your energy, not your time.” In practical terms what this means is rethinking how you work, when you work, what your most productive environment is, and with whom.

Sitting at a desk for an uninterrupted eight to 10 hour day is not productive for most people; few can maintain full attention for that amount of time. Our ultradian rhythm responds well to 90 to 120 minute sessions, so if you break your working day down in to chunks, you can treat each chunk as an opportunity to achieve a task.

In a well-designed, co-working, collaborative or flexible workspace you can choose where is best suited to maximise your productivity. In a busy office, the distractions are endless and it’s hard to find the quiet needed to focus. Hot desks and private meeting rooms are ideal for activities which require concentration without interruption.

Recognising when you’re at your most productive and having the freedom to choose when and where you work is both liberating for the individual and beneficial to the company. If you are able to work remotely then a flexible solution, such as membership of a co-working space where you can start your day at a time to suit you, with access the stakes are high and first impressions count, a high-specification meeting room with reliable technology and personal service will make you and your business stand out. Every time you meet a client, you are demonstrating the values of your business by choosing where you meet. If you are speaking with an investor or looking to secure a key client, would you like to do so in a busy coffee shop or somewhere that they can be greeted professionally and taken care of? Choose a place that reflects your values and your ambitions, a place which solidifies your reputation, rather than compromises it.

Productivity and wellbeing – How The Clubhouse helps you:

  • Access to natural light: Floor-to-ceiling windows in board rooms and informal meeting areas
  • Access to fresh air: Outdoor spaces and roof terraces at Bank and Holborn Circus
  • Light levels: Warm and calm, not stark and white, to create a homely, relaxed feel
  • Furniture: Ergonomic task chairs in our dedicated desk areas, comfortable sofas in The Clublounge, supportive chairs in breakout spaces and informal meeting areas
  • Different spaces: The Greenhouse for collaboration, quiet spaces for focus and privacy, buzzy communal areas for inspiration
  • Art: Beautiful, thought-provoking artwork to provide visual respite from spreadsheets and documents

This article was originally featured in The Informer – March 2019. To read the full magazine please click here