The Future Workplace Report by Raconteur & The Times

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The Future Workplace report by Raconteur & The Times

The traditional workplace is changing, and with so many ways to stay in touch with colleagues and clients wherever you are, a fixed location is no longer an essential part of running a business. The Clubhouse seeks to provide a smarter alternative to a London office, offering a new way of doing business. We are advocates of flexible working and the notion that with today’s technology you simply don’t need need an office to run a business.

We are delighted to be featured in a new report by Raconteur & The Times, titled ‘The Future Workplace’. The report explores topics such as the workspace evolving into a space where “enterprise and social interaction can combine to promote creativity and drive the economy”, the rise of coworking, incubators, accelerators and hot desks, the future of the workplace (horizontal elevators, Hawaiian tiki bars or artificial intelligence anyone?) and the rise of self employment in the UK.

You can read the full report here.