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The Mind at Work Conference

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8:30AM – 17:30PM


Our mind is a precious resource. And when we don’t look after it, our ability to thrive and do great work is affected.

The Mind at Work Conference is being held to raise funds for the incredible charity Young Minds. It’s designed to give you a new perspective on investing in your mental wellbeing.

Filled with top speakers, interactive sessions and practical workshops, you will be immersed in the workings of the mind – discovering tools, techniques, and ideas that will help you to work smarter, live happier and feel better equipped for the daily pressures our work and personal lives can bring.

Morning Sessions:

08.30am – Registration, tea & coffee


Introducing World Mental Health Day & Young Minds


Reclaim your headspace: Tame Your Inner Critic.
Jess Baker, Business Psychologist & Women’s Leadership Coach

Do you experience negative self-talk? Do you spend too much time fretting about things that you can’t change or things that haven’t happened yet? Would you like to be less self-critical and more self-confident?

In this interactive workshop Jess, draws on theory and practical techniques from positive psychology, mindfulness, and self-compassion. Discover how your mind is holding you back so you can reclaim your headspace and focus on the things you deserve to have in your life, at work or in your business.

10.15am – Break


Burn bright. Not out.
Catherine Attfield, Head of Nutrition & Wellbeing at Nutrition Bites

The number of people suffering from stress has risen from a quarter to a third over the past five years (CIPD, 2016). But what is stress, how do you recognise it, what are the symptoms, can you test for it and how can improved nutrition help?

We’re all probably aware of the feelings of stress but less likely to understand its’ effect on our health and wellbeing. Nutrition Bites, an award-winning company and expert in workplace nutrition presents a fun, informative presentation on stress: The good, the bad and how you can use it to your advantage to burn bright, not out!


How feeling good is good for us. 
Sarah Lewis, MD and Principal Psychologist at Appreciating Change

This workshop will focus on the role our emotions play in our physical and mental wellbeing. It will introduce the broaden and build model of positive emotions, and share the research on correlates and consequences of feeling good for our resourcefulness and resilience. The workshop will include exercises on positive emotions and tips on how to boost your own mood.



Wellbeing without fear. 
Stuti Singh, Head of Development and Coaching at Women’s Leadership Initiative

Discover what unconsciously limits your state of wellbeing and how you can create a state of wellbeing that you would truly love, exploring:

• The four levels of wellbeing, and how an awareness of these can empower you

• The unconscious fears, barriers and drivers that sabotage your wellbeing

• How to align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self to create a true state of holistic wellbeing

• Simple steps can you take to create the state of wellbeing that you would love


1.30pm – Lunch

Attendees with a ‘half day’ ticket can join us for lunch from 1.30pm, and can then take part in our afternoon sessions which will start promptly at 2.15pm

Afternoon Sessions:

Choose your preferred afternoon session to attend from the below:


Is Your Mental Health Above Or Below The Line Today?
Fiona Magee, Consultant at Rubica

Where do you think your mental health is today? What can affect it both positively and negatively? What impact do mental health issues have on today’s organisations? What tools can you use to help you take care of your own mental health and support others to look after theirs? How can Mental Health First Aid training improve the wellbeing of individuals and organisations?

Get the answers to these questions and more in this lively, interactive session.


Building team resilience.
Miranda Wheatley Price, Director of Organisational Change at Rubica

A resilient team isn’t just a collection of resilient individuals. It is a group of people that work collectively and with a shared sense of ownership and commitment; who focus hard on what matters most, while supporting and challenging one another to leverage their strengths; and who collaborate and distribute effort to minimise stress on any individual.

Based on the latest organisational change theory and decades of practical experience, Miranda will help you to discover how you can build your teams resilience through 4 key building blocks – from day 1!

03.15pm – Break


Introduction to Mindfulness & Mental Health Strategies.
Daniel Stane, Facilitator & Coach at The Potential Project

Integrating the application of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and potential-oriented psychology, Daniel will lead an insightful session that will:

  • Introduce mindfulness: the case for mindfulness and how it improves performance and stress resilience
  • Mindfulness practice: experience a short mind training exercise to become more calm, focused and clear
  • Mental effectiveness: build sharp focus and open awareness to improve mental effectiveness and productivity
  • Mental strategies: applying the mindful attitudes of kindness and acceptance to support ourselves and others


Entrepreneurial Athleticism.
Guy Tolhurst, Founder of Intelligent Partnership and Mindful Investor

In conversation with rising entrepreneurial stars Guy explores why and how to treat entrepreneurs like athletes – recognising that they are elite performers whose mental and physical health and wellbeing are crucial to high performance, and maximising results for their investor community


Step Inside – Mental Fitness.
Charlotte Wiseman, Creator of the Step-Inside Approach and Founder of Charlotte Wiseman Leadership and Wellbeing

This interactive workshop will demystify mental health, mental illness and mental fitness (resilience). Participants will learn to identify the signs of positive and sub-optimal mental wellbeing and learn evidence-based techniques to improve their own mental health and support others in and out of the workplace. This session will challenge stigma and encourage open conversation and give you the confidence to support those with mental health issues and improve your own wellbeing.


Burnout. The cost of high achievement no one is talking about.
Jenny Rossiter, Founder, Coach & Human Behaviour Specialist at Feel Good Leadership

Beneath the veneer of success and achievement there are often feelings no one wants to talk about and when low points hit so does isolation, exhaustion, loss of joy and self-care.

Jenny speaks from the heart on her journey as a high achiever and the personal cost to her and her family. She gives hope and restores faith in humanity and the possibility of achievement without compromise or damaging personal cost.

Jenny offers an interactive session uncovering burnout through the following topics:

  • Understand what burnout is, who is at risk and how it’s diagnosed
  • Understand the themes and drivers of burn out and why it’s often a slow burn
  • Learn to recognise the signs and symptoms in yourself and others
  • Learn some practical coping strategies for prevention and recovery
  • Know what help and support is available


Early Bird pricing until 13th September:

Half Day: £50 Members / £60 Non Members (Includes lunch from 1.30pm and participation in the afternoon sessions only)

Whole Day: £90 Members / £100 Non Members

Pricing from 14th September:

Half Day: £80 Members / £90 Non Members (Includes lunch from 1.30pm and participation in the afternoon sessions only)

Whole Day: £120 Members / £130 Non Members

Please note that all proceeds go to YoungMinds

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