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The rise in flexible working

The working world that people want to operate in is changing. Boost productivity and retain the best employees by taking a new approach.

Last month, the Wellcome Trust announced it was considering moving  all of its employees to a four-day week  to boost productivity and last year, a survey  by Morar Consulting of employees across  12 countries found that for 98% a ‘work anywhere’ culture has a positive impact on productivity. Mobile technology has given employers and employees more freedom than ever before to take control of where, when and how they work, and traditional ideas of work/ life balance have been eradicated. With this comes huge advantages, both for individuals and the businesses they work for.

The Work Foundation has predicted that  by 2020, mobile working will reach over  70%. In a recent study by Powwownow,  53% of respondents said they would be more productive if they could work outside the  office and 70% said they felt flexible working makes a job more attractive; around a third said they would even pick flexible working  over a pay rise.

The working world that people want to operate in is changing rapidly and is only moving in one direction: the Office for National Statistics found that the number  of self-employed workers aged 16 to 24 has nearly doubled in the past 17 years. PwC research found that 46% of human resource professionals believe at least 20% of their workforce will be temporary workers or contractors by 2020. This means the demand is growing for flexible working and meeting spaces with the resources of a head office.

Initially, many co-working spaces were basic yet trendy but lacking in good lighting, private spaces, quiet places and efficient technology. Now, many workers are seeking ‘a destination workplace’ which meets their requirements  in the same way a head office would.


How flexible working impacts a business

When establishing your business, it’s important to make it stand out while staying on your corporate message. Are cafés and hotel lobbies really the best place to meet potential clients? A professional space with  a dedicated team will help make the right  first impression.

The costs of establishing and running an office in a prime location could also impact  a business’s short and longer term growth:  by operating in a more flexible and agile  way, consuming space on demand, as and when it’s needed, cash is freed up and the business’s balance sheet will look a lot healthier; workers get the social contact and buzzy environment they need in a location convenient to them; they can connect with other professionals, such as lawyers, accountants and consultants, and develop relationships that may be mutually beneficial.

Membership of The Clubhouse offers all  of this and more, with a range of benefits  and offers exclusively available to members, an inspirational calendar of events, virtual office solutions, individually designed meeting rooms with the latest in audio-visual technology and video conferencing solutions, plus the freedom to move between our four Clubhouses across the West End, Mid Town and The City. It’s the optimum solution  for businesses of all shapes and sizes, designed to make you and your businesses more successful.


This article was originally featured in The Informer – February 2019. To read the full magazine please click here