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Future Workplace Report - December 2018

The latest Future Workplace Report by Raconteur is out now!

Here are a few of our must reads from the full report:

Can workplace evolution help small businesses outcompete enterprises?

With small businesses having bigger opportunities than ever before, the future of work means smaller companies are well placed to push valuable outcomes further and faster than their larger competitors.

Flexing the inflexible workplace –

Companies that offer flexible working are known to have increased employee retention, more motivated and engaged staff, and access to wider talent pools when recruiting.

Rise of the Co-workers –

As the number of freelancers and remote workers rises, the shift toward co-working shows no signs of slowing down, with technology being a key enabler. Interaction with other workers has emerged as one of the most influential aspects of this trend, impacting workers’ mental health and productivity.

Learning to work in a world of change –

In an uncertain world, the only certainty is change, so young people should be taught how to adapt in a constantly changing working environment.

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