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Members’ Breakfast: Superfast Lead at Speed

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8am for breakfast, 8.30am – 9.30am for presentation and client panel discussion


Set the (right) pace in an accelerating world

The world is changing fast. Everyone talks about disruption. We all know that the business world is accelerating at an exponential rate. As technology drives disruption and the expectation that everything needs to be faster, there are more opportunities… and there can also be more pressure placed on us all.

But how do leaders deal with this Superfast world in a way which makes it effective, enjoyable and not exhausting? How do they handle the pace with grace? How do they prepare their organisations (and themselves) to be fast and fit for the future world?

Join bestselling author Sophie Devonshire who will be hosting an energising and interactive speech to stimulate your own thinking and plans around setting the right pace for your organisation (and the right pace to help you survive and thrive in this world of speed).

Sophie’s new book Superfast: Lead at Speed has reached the no.1 slot on Amazon for Business Books Change Management and is a practical approach sharing how leaders can manage the pace with grace and good humour. The book is based on research amongst 100 global leaders of different sized organisations and all types of sectors. Sophie’s career includes roles in big multinationals like Procter and Gamble and Coca-Cola and she has bought, managed and sold an internet start-up. She is also the CEO of the Caffeine Partnership, a strategic brand consultancy so understands the challenges faced by leaders in different organisations who want to work out how to speed up progress (and when they need to slow down).

How do you lead in a world of speed?

Start with an energising and stimulating session that gets you thinking and leaves you with practical ideas to apply immediately with the knowledge of tips, tools and techniques that others have used successfully to lead at speed including:

– A new alternative to ‘time management’ to help you get things done
– Dealing with the speedbumps and blockers to increase velocity
– When we need to slow down to speed up
– The art of ‘strategic laziness’ as a pacesetter
– How you can personally develop your own plan to step up the pace

‘Leading at speed is essential in a world of accelerating change, complexity and uncertainty. When the one thing you’re sure of is that things will change, the way we lead people has to change too.‘

Matt Brittin, President, Google EMEA

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