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Resilience for 21st Century Leaders - Mindful Leadership Masterclass

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8:30AM – 12:00PM



How do you build higher levels of resilience as a leader (when you are already stretched) and then show the way to a more sustainable way of working with your people?

Discover how to become a more resilient and successful leader in this highly practical, half day masterclass from our partner Potential Project, the global leader in organisational mindfulness, leadership and resilience, drawing on their latest research from The Mind of The Leader (HBR Press, 2018) with over 35,000 leaders.

This highly practical and interactive half day leadership masterclass will share a rich array of proven tools and techniques which can be implemented immediately to:

  • Build greater resilience and sustained high levels of performance for you and your team
  • Develop the ability to stay calm in the eye of the storm, switching off the cognitive clutter that can undermine your resilience and results
  • Take charge of your attention by improving self-awareness, emotional balance and presence of mind
  • Leverage neuroplasticity and mind training to develop new, more sustainable ways of thinking and working by understanding how the brain can be shaped and changed
  • Self regulate and have the confidence and resourcefulness to adapt and respond to challenges to resilience on a moment to moment basis
  • Understand our own neurological wiring, so that we can override limited reactivity and habitual behaviours to make more balanced decisions on how we approach our work
  • Preserve and generate mental energy throughout the day
  • Cultivate beneficial mindsets for leadership that support the wellbeing of your people while encouraging them to embrace change and do their best work

Recent testimonials from previous Masterclasses:

‘Thank you for such a great leadership workshop this morning. Very inspiring, motivating and practical. I’ll be sharing my experience with colleagues to explore possible in-house avenues for us.’

‘I am more at ease. I can better handle situations at work which were previously very energy consuming. I make more active choices, have increased my focus and I am happier.’

‘Thank you for your inspiring workshop yesterday. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it both personally and professionally.’

‘I experience less stress and more enjoyment of everyday life. Less irritation with everyday problems beyond my control. Generally speaking, a much more thoughtful approach to life and my surroundings. ‘

Delivered by Daniel Stane, mindful leadership expert and consultant to numerous FTSE 250 companies and Tamzin Muir, Potential Project’s Head of Wellbeing and an expert in the neuro-science of resilience.

£145+VAT for members; £195+VAT for non-members; 20% discount for joint bookings of two or more colleagues from the same organisation.

* This event is not open to independent consultants or coaches – this is a unique opportunity for leaders and professionals within organisations to experience our work and get a taster of what we can deliver ‘in-house’.  If you have attended one of our leadership masterclasses in the past, this masterclass will have new content we have not shared before and is also open to anyone attending for the first time.

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