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Richard Fifield: Getting the smart stuff done

June Member in the spotlight

An interview with Richard Fifield, Partner at Realise Capital Partners


Tell us about your company.
Realise Capital Partners helps ambitious entrepreneurs to grow and sell their business. We offer a combination of growth and corporate finance advice, sometimes taking small equity positions. We are an experienced team of five and work closely with an inner circle of advisors (financial, tax, legal, sales, IT etc) to deliver on client plans and we match the advisor to the stage and circumstance of the client. Our mission is to go on the journey with an entrepreneur and support technically and emotionally and, to put it simply, just get smart stuff done. We are sector agnostic but are biased towards tech, marketing, creative and professional services sectors. We are well connected and have a strong ethos of authenticity, transparency, and win win. Typically at any one time we work with around five clients in startup (prepare for investment, find money and get business savvy), five in growth (challenge and unstick strategy, corporate development) and three in exit (prepare for exit, find a buyer and execute the transaction).

What has been your biggest success?
We have been successful in proving that you can provide an integrated growth proposition based on trust to smart and ambitious people. We have built a small, interesting and valuable investment portfolio. We’re successful at getting stuck in (and get smart stuff done) with the entrepreneurs to push through growth barriers (attract, retain talent, raise multi funding rounds, build sales models, improve operational efficiency etc). We’re proud of starting and exiting a portfolio business for $15m in 36 months for 17 times the money and huge IRR – this gets corporate finance people excited! We’ve also grown two start-up businesses within three years to valuations greater than £15m.

What project are you most excited about right now?
Building a business accelerator for SMBs (including smart business innovation tools).

How has being a member of The Clubhouse contributed to the success of your business?
The Clubhouse feels like home and clients really like coming to the different locations. The atmosphere is professional but without stuffy rules. The team are always helpful and friendly and look after our clients. It’s excellent value for money.

Where can members find you?
At The Clubhouse, St James’s, by the cakes!


Quick Fire Round 

Favourite place to go in London?
The Sports Bar on the mezzanine floor at Waterloo station (don’t ask!).

Who inspires you and why?
All those people who do tough jobs, under massive pressure, with little or no appreciation or safety net e.g. paramedics, nurses etc. I’m always humbled by these guys!

Best bit of advice you’ve been given?
Be honest with yourself and do something positive with that honesty.

If you were on a desert island, what would you bring?
A light aircraft to leave in!

Which super power would you like to have?
Super legs and lungs to help me get up the Surrey Hills on my mountain bike.

What is the worst business ‘faux-pas’ you’ve committed?
Simple – sent a confidential and comprehensive business sale document to that client’s main competitor …. never doing that again!


For more about Realise Capital Partners visit their website:

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