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Leadership Masterclass: How to put innovation at the heart of your organisation

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8:30AM – 12:00PM


Enabling innovative thinking is critical for leaders in the 21st century to ensure their businesses are future-proof and stay relevant to their clients.

“Access to creative and talented people is for modern organizations what coal and iron was for the steel industry” Professor Richard Florida, University of Toronto.

Many studies have shown a direct correlation between creativity and an inclusive environment characterised by psychological safety, yet the required shifts in awareness and behaviour still elude many leaders. Mindful leadership now points to the answer, with recent research showing mindfulness helps raise inclusive leadership (EY, 2017).

This masterclass from organisational leadership experts Potential Project will explore practical strategies you can adopt as a leader to promote a culture where:

  • innovative thinking is encouraged and people feel safe and willing to share their views
  • employees feel more willing to step into the risk that accompanies expressing their unique perspectives, even in highly regulated or matrixed environments
  • creative thinking becomes the hallmark of productive working relationships
  • barriers to creative collaboration in the form of Individual and systemic biases are managed and people are encouraged to share their views
  • leaders and their teams learn to train their minds and adopt mindful practices that optimise innovative working

£145+VAT for members and early bird bookings by 21st June; £195+VAT for non-members; 20% discount for joint bookings of two or more colleagues from the same organisation.

* This event is not open to independent consultants or coaches – this is a unique opportunity for leaders and professionals within organisations to experience our work and get a taster of what we can deliver ‘in-house’. If you have attended one of our leadership masterclasses in the past, this masterclass will have new content we have not shared before and is also open to anyone attending for the first time.

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